Apple - Sweden

Education:  BAH, BEd (I/S) at Queen's University

Year Teaching: 2

Subject and Grade: English. Grade 4-7

My travel experience: Cuba, Poland, Spain, England, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden

I decided to teach in Sweden because I needed to live in a country that appreciates Scandinavian power metal.

My biggest fear about moving abroad is being away from my family, especially my 5 year old brother...oh, and flying.

This year, I am most excited about: Continuing to work with many of the same students I had last year and see their English skills continue to grow.

5 must have items I packed in my suitcase:
1. My Tribes handbook
2. My iPad with all episodes of the Good Wife on it (goodbye North American Netflix).
3. Rain\Outdoor Gear (we love the outdoors here in Sweden)
4. My sketchbook with pencil crayons
5. Maple Syrup

Famous, must-eat delicacies from Sweden: Senapsill (Pickled herring in honey mustard), Ikea cinnamon buns, and Must (100% pure Swedish apple juice)

Most excited to explore the North in order to see the Northern Lights.

One word to sum up your first year teaching:  Organized Chaos (2 words, I know, but English teachers are known to be sometimes wordy)

Favourite Memory from First Year Teaching: Multiple occasions of the accidental mispronunciation of the word “beaches,” and regardless of any mishaps, seeing my students begin to use the English language with confidence.

Professional Goal This Year: Really differentiate my instruction to meet the needs of every learner. In one class, I can have students that have just started learning English as a 3rd or 4th language and others who have English as a first language. I want every student to feel challenged every day and have the opportunity to develop their English skills at pace that works best for them.