Calculator - China

Education: BAH, BEd (I/S) at Queen's University

Year Teaching: 2

Subject and Grade: Math. Grade 11-12

My travel experience: is limited to parts of Europe

I decided to teach in China because it will push me out of my comfort zone and allow me to experience the culture of one of the world’s oldest civilizations.

My biggest fear about moving abroad is that over time it may not start to feel like home.

This year, I am most excited about: Everything!

5 must have items I packed in my suitcase
1. Toothpaste
2. External hard drive of teaching resources
3. Comfortable shoes
4. Digital camera
5. Early seasons of Gilmore Girls and Arrested Development

Famous, must-eat delicacies from China: Dumplings, rice noodles, Peking duck, spring rolls and many more!

Most excited to explore Jiuzhai Valley National Park, the Great Wall, Danxia Mountain...anywhere with a great view and hiking opportunities. I’m also hoping to explore other areas of Asia-Pacific like Hong Kong and Nepal!

One word to sum up your first year teaching: Unpredictable

Favourite Memory from First Year Teaching: Being serenaded by my homeroom class for my birthday as one student played the violin. 

Professional Goal This Year: To incorporate more strategies that support English Language Learners.