Chalk - England

Education: BAH, BEd (I/S) at Queen's University

Year Teaching: 2

Subject and Grade: English, Grade 6-10

My travel experience: Holland, France, England, Switzerland, USA, Dominican Republic

I decided to teach in England because I wanted to learn more about another education system and thought it would be fun to travel around Europe as well. When I went to England for the interview process I taught a few lessons and was amazed at how bright the students were. I was also impressed with how much emphasis was placed on the importance of education by the amazing staff where I will be teaching.

My biggest fear about moving abroad was missing family time.

This year, I am most excited about consolidating my learning from last year and continuing to grow as a teacher and a person.

5 must have items I packed in my suitcase:
1. David’s Tea (I know I am moving to a place famous for tea drinking but I couldn’t leave it behind for a year)!
2. Rain boots (yet somehow I forgot an umbrella)
3. Camera
4. Teacher clothes
5. Canadian themed paraphernalia

Famous, must-eat delicacies from England: Bangers and Mash, Fish and Chips, Beef Wellington, Yorkshire pudding

Most excited to explore the UK and Italy.

One word to sum up your first year teaching: Interesting

Favourite Memory from First Year Teaching: My year 7 class did not notice it was the end of the school day, despite numerous students walking past our glass enclosed classroom, because they were so interested in the book we were reading as a class. There was only one chapter left when I said they needed to hurry to catch their busses and they were SO disappointed and wanted to stay!

Professional Goal This Year: To be consistent with my behaviour management approach.